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Addressing increases in roadway fatalities is a major regional focus area. Addressing this trend, paired with increased demand for technology, alternative transportation modes, and demands for improved public health and environment can change the future of transportation. In addition to the regional focus on safety in the WAMPO Funding Menu, KDOT provides funds for safety-specific projects in the WAMPO region through its Local Safety Programs. These programs include the Highway Safety Improvement Program, High Risk Rural Roads Program, and the Rail-Highway Grade Crossing program, which are all designed to improve traffic safety by improving roads and grade crossings.

The Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WAMPO) Comprehensive Safety Action Plan (CSAP) is open from September 19 through October 19, 2023. Public comments received during this period will be reported to and considered by the WAMPO Transportation Policy Body, which will decide whether to approve the draft CSAP at their meeting on November 14, 2023. Provide comments to

Comprehensive Safety Action Plan

Be Safe Wichita Region!

Everyone has the right to safe travel. Whether you walk, roll, or ride, we want to make sure you can always arrive safely at your destinations. That’s why we are developing a Comprehensive Safety Action Plan for the Wichita Region.

What is the Comprehensive Safety Action Plan?

The Comprehensive Safety Action Plan (CSAP) will identify behavioral and engineering solutions to reduce severe crashes. This plan will build from WAMPO’s 2021 Vision Zero Safety Plan but will be structured around the Safe System Approach. This Approach will help us think about system solutions for safer roads, safer road users, safer speeds, safer vehicles, post-crash care, equity, and culture. 


SS4A Application Materials

The following documents were submitted by WAMPO in our application for the Safe Streets and Roads for All (SS4A) Planning and Demonstration Grant due on July 10, 2023.

Updated 6/26/2023

We Need Your Input!

To build a plan for everyone, we need your help! This plan will consider the transportation safety needs of all people in the Wichita region. Whether you walk, bike, drive, use a wheelchair, take transit, or ride a scooter, we want to hear from you. Please complete this brief survey to share your thoughts about transportation safety in the region. We will continue to share information on this page about how you can participate throughout the plan development process.

Check back often for regular updates on the plan including meeting notifications and information about crash trends in the region. 

Plan Development Updates

WAMPO Transportation Safety Technical Advisors (TSTA) May Meeting

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Comprehensive Safety Action Plan (CSAP)

Imagine a transportation system where everyone arrives at their destination without a life altering incident. We are! WAMPO, local agency partners, and the public will collaborate on solutions to reduce the chance of a crash, create safe spaces for all people, and improve mobility by reducing delays from crashes. You will have the opportunity to participate – check back for regular updates.

Safety & Health Committee

The primary activities of this committee include updating regional technical report on Safety and Health.

Vision Zero

Safety is an important factor when it comes to transportation, and the Vision Zero initiative is a key component. The goal is to achieve a transportation system with no fatalities or serious injuries by implementing different strategies. This includes reducing speed limits, improving pedestrian and cycling infrastructure, increasing public awareness of road safety, and creating a culture of safety.


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