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Combined Call for Projects for Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2050 (MTP 2050) and the 2025-2028 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is open (September 15, 2023-January 5, 2024)


Project sponsors (i.e., public agencies) are invited to download the below-linked application form, fill out one copy for each project they wish to be added, modified, or funded in the MTP and/or TIP, and return it/them to Nick Flanders at

To assist in the calculation of the cost estimates for MTP 2050 that are called for in the application, project sponsors are invited to utilize the below Cost Estimator spreadsheets, where applicable:​

Thank you for your participation in the MTP 2050, Coordinated Public Transit - Human Services Transportation Plan, and Electric Vehicle Plan. Results are being analyzed and reports will be made available soon. The MTP 2050 results are below. 


The Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WAMPO) has launched the planning process for the long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). It is called WAMPO MTP 2050.   The goal is to look at priorities for transportation improvements including safety, ease of travel time, creating a more equitable system and improving connectivity for all modes of travel.

    The MTP 2050 Purpose is to –

  • Identify transportation policies, strategies, and projects for the future.

  • Determine project demand for transportation services.

  • Focus on the systems level, including roadways, transit, non-motorized

  • transportation and intermodal connections.

  • Estimate costs and identify reasonably available financial sources for operation,

  • Maintenance, and capital investments.

  • Determine ways to preserve existing roads and facilities and make efficient use of the existing system

An MTP covers a planning horizon of at least 20 years, with updates every 5 years.  This MTP 2050 process will be adopted in 2025.  Here is the process to for adoption.

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