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WAMPO will balance preserving and maintaining the functionality of existing transportation networks and services with bold investments in multimodal connectivity and technology. Technology is one of the five focus areas included in the WAMPO Funding Menu criteria. Smart technology can be thus used to connect vehicles, infrastructure, public transit, and people to improve mobility and safety. Streets then can be outfitted with sensors that can track data both on the roads and through cars and smartphones in order to gain insights on traffic flow patterns, road blockages, roadwork, road conditions, etc.

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WICHway is the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) for the highway network in Wichita, Kansas. It is owned and operated by the Kansas Department of Transportation in cooperation with many partners including Sedgwick County, City of Wichita, City of Derby, Kansas Highway Patrol, Kansas Turnpike Authority, Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, and Federal Highway Administration.

The WICHway network has 89 closed circuit cameras, 79 traffic sensors and 33 dynamic message signs. A Traffic Management Center is operated 24/7 to monitor current traffic conditions, post messages and update the website ( with a goal of helping drivers navigate through incidents, severe weather, maintenance and construction zones plus any occasional special events or other factors affecting traffic.

For more information visit: WICHwayInfo.asp (

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The Wichita region faces a future of changing demographics, economics, technology, and land uses that will require new and different transportation solutions.

The purpose of this project is to develop and maintain a Regional Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Architecture for the Wichita region that is consistent with the National ITS Architecture

Last Updated: November 2006

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