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About Us

WAMPO is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the Wichita metropolitan region. MPOs are federally required regional policy bodies in urbanized areas with populations over 50,000. MPOs recognize the critical links between transportation and other societal goals such as economic health, air quality, social equity, environmental resource stewardship, and overall quality of life.


Locally, the Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WAMPO) is responsible, in cooperation with the State of Kansas and Wichita Transit, for carrying out the metropolitan transportation planning process in 22 cities and 3 counties in South Central Kansas.

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Who We Are

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WAMPO Core Functions

Fair/Impartial Setting Establish and manage a fair and impartial setting for effective regional transportation decision-making for the region.


Alternatives Provide technical expertise to the transportation planning process using data and planning methods to generate and evaluate alternatives for the region.


Long-Range Plans Develop long-range transportation plans that support improved mobility and access for people and goods and supports a good quality of life.


Short-Range Plans Develop short-range transportation plans listing projects and strategies that are consistent with the long-range plan.


Public Engagement Engage the community in each of the above core functions to ensure that the public and stakeholders are involved in the transportation planning and decision-making process.


Guided by a regional vision set in place by a Body made up of locally elected officials, this process, from concept to construction, may take up to 10 years of work building consensus, collecting data, engaging the public, developing the project, identifying funding, and meeting requirements.


WAMPO Core documents include the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) , Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Unified Planning Work Program (UPW).


The purpose of this project was to create a meaningful stakeholder engagement initiative focused on the future of transportation investment to aid in the strategic investment decision-making process.

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