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Demographics & Socioeconomics

This collection of reports and tables serves as an instrumental resource providing valuable insights into the region's demographic, socioeconomic, and economic landscape. These reports meticulously detail community demographics, labor, housing costs, and diverse socioeconomic aspects, painting a vivid picture of the current state and future projections of the region’s populace. Such insights are essential for informed decision-making and strategic planning and help ensure transportation infrastructure meets the diverse and evolving needs of every segment of the population.

Dive into a rich collection of tables, offering detailed insights into the socioeconomics and demographics that shape our community

These WAMPO community reports describe vital demographic and socioeconomic information about every city in the WAMPO region. The link above connects to these 23 individual demographic and socioeconomic reports.

This report provides insights on the interplay between transportation, labor markets, demographic trends, and population growth in the region.

The WAMPO region housing report provides an in-depth analysis of WAMPO's demographic, economic, and housing trends from 2017 to 2021, unveiling crucial insights into population growth, income variations, and housing affordability in the region.

This report was developed internally by WAMPO staff and compiles data on population trends for individual cities in the WAMPO region. Population figures were obtained from the decennial U.S. Census.

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