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WAMPO Draft Population Projections

Starting with 2020 decennial census populations, this table contains draft population projections for the WAMPO region and all of its municipalities to the year 2050.

WAMPO Draft Population Projections Updated: 2/2/2024

Progress to Final Projections

These draft projections have begun the review process by WAMPO's Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) and Transportation Policy Body (TPB) and may be subject to change prior to final TPB approval that is tentatively scheduled for spring of 2024.

Development Process

Collaborative Development with Expert Consultants

Population projections for the year 2050 were developed in collaboration with JEO Consulting Group and the Wichita State University (WSU) Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CEDBR). Leveraging CEDBR's expertise in forecast creation, these projections were specifically tailored to the WAMPO region.

Refinement with Regional Census Data

The initial projections underwent further refinement by incorporating municipal growth trends identified from decennial Census data. This approach ensured that the projections for individual cities and jurisdictions reflected historical growth patterns.

Alignment with Local Planning Jurisdictions

Finally, the projections were also shaped by input from WAMPO member jurisdictions for consistency with their individual projections. This will help to ensure the projections align with local planning initiatives when they are eventually incorporated in WAMPO's long range transportation plan, Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2050 (MTP 2050).

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