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Socioeconomic and Demographic Reports by City

These 23 meticulously crafted reports offer a comprehensive examination of the 22 municipalities within the WAMPO region and the region as a whole. They detail extensive demographic information with focuses on income, population trends and diversity.  This granular level of information is quintessential for future transportation planning, aiding in the adaptation and evolution of infrastructure, and public transit systems that are inherently aligned with the demographic and economic demands of the area. 

The Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Area is home to a diverse and vibrant population. The residents of its 22 cities and those who live outside those urban boundaries total 547,230.

Andale, Kansas, is a small, tight-knit community known for its rural charm and friendly atmosphere. It has a population of 941.

Andover is a vibrant city known for its excellent schools and beautiful parks, offering a blend of suburban comfort and modern amenities. It has

a population of 14,892.

Bel Aire boasts scenic beauty and a welcoming community, characterized by its tranquil neighborhoods, quality educational institutions, and diverse recreational options. Its population is 8,262.

Bel Aire.jpg

Nestled in a serene environment, Bentley offers a harmonious blend of small-town charm and natural beauty, providing a peaceful retreat from the bustle of city life. It has a population of 560.

Cheney, characterized by its picturesque settings, is a haven for those seeking a balance of leisure and connectivity, marking itself as a distinguished locality. Its population is 2,181.

Clearwater was incorporated in 1885. On the Chisholm Trail, the city began as a small trading post and has consistently increased in population ever since. Clearwater has a population of 2,653.

Colwich, is known for its tight-knit community and scenic rural surroundings. Colwich was found in in 1887 and is located approximately 5-miles northwest of Wichita. Its population is 2,181.

Derby was incorporated in 1903 but was originally named El Paso until 1956. Derby is a thriving suburban community, celebrated for its excellent schools. Derby’s population is 25,625.


Eastborough is a charming municipality located within the Wichita city limits. Known for its tree-lined streets and picturesque homes, it is a highly sought-after place to live in the WAMPO region. Its population is 756.


Since its incorporation in 1903, the city has seen an increase in population because of its family-oriented community and idyllic rural setting. Its population is 948.

Garden Plain.jpg

Goddard is also one of the older municipalities in the region and was first founded in 1883. It offers scenic rural landscapes and boasts quick access to urban amenities via US-400. It has population of 3,260.


Incorporated in 1951 and colloquially known as the “Peach Capital of Kansas,” for their historic peach orchard, Haysville is celebrated for its small-town charm and friendly residents. Its population is 11,262.


Mulvane is the third oldest city in the region, being first incorporated in 1883. It has a rich history and a vibrant local culture that's embraced by its friendly residents. It has a population of 6,286.


Park City is one of the newest cities in the WAMPO region, and was incorporated in 1980, it is a thriving community known for its friendly residents and diverse local economy. Its population is 8,333.

Park City.jfif

Incorporated in 1955, Rose Hill is nestled in a serene setting and offers residents a peaceful living environment amidst a natural rural landscape. It has a population of 4,185.

Rose Hill.webp

Kechi was incorporated in 1957 and offers a peaceful and serene environment for residents and visitors. It is also conveniently located just north of Wichita for quick access to urban attractions. Its population is 1,125.


In recent years, Maize has been characterized by rapid growth and is known for its excellent school district and small-town community. Its population is 2,033.


Mt. Hope is a cozy burg within the WAMPO boundaries and offers the same small-town charm and welcoming atmosphere that characterize so many of the region's rural communities. Its population is 806.

Mt. Hope.jfif

The city of Sedgwick calls itself “a little town with a big heart.” Sedgwick is one of the earliest incorporated cities, second to Wichita, in the WAMPO region and was incorporated in 1872. Its population is 1,603.


The city of Valley Center was first incorporated in 1885 and conveniently located near I-135, US-81, and K-15. Valley Center is known for its tranquil setting and friendly residents. It has a population of 7,340.

Valley Center.jfif

Viola was first founded in 1870 as a town off the Englewood branch of the Santa Fe railroad. This community offers a peaceful setting for both resident and visitors alike. Its population is 115.


Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, the primary hub of the greater WAMPO area, and the county seat of Sedgwick County. Incorporated in 1870, 

It currently has a population of 397,532.

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