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Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Staff contact: Kristen Zimmerman|​​​​

​​Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The WAMPO Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a short-range program that identifies transportation projects to be implemented in the Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WAMPO) region. Each TIP covers four Federal Fiscal (FFY), which start on October 1st and ends September 30th of each year.  The 2017 TIP cycle is for FFY years 2017 through 2020.  

  • To learn more about the 2017 TIP click HERE to review the current program document.  
  • Members of the general public who are interested in seeing the TIP project listings and locations, please check out our new web-based Project Tracker by visiting  
  • Check out the recently released safety report by clicking HERE
  • Project sponsors interested in updating or submitting their information please visit  Scroll down for more information about accessing and/or setting up a project sponsor account.  
See the below table for the TIP Amendment Schedule, which includes opportunities for public review comment:    

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Transportation Improvement Program:  Amendment Schedule

Amendment #

​Call for Changes ​Public Comment Period

​Advisory Committee

​Policy Body Hearing ​KDOT State Amendment
​1- Complete ​December 15, 2016 ​January 13 - Feb 13 ​January 23 ​February 14 ​March 9
​2 - Complete ​March 1, 2017 ​March 24 - April 25 ​April 24 ​May 9 ​May 11
​3- Complete
​June 1, 2017
​June 26 - July 31
​July 24
​August 8
​August 18
​4 - Complete
​December 11
​January 4 - Feb 1, 2018
​January 22
​February 13
​March 8
5​ - Complete
​March 5 -16, 2018
April 26 - May 1
​April 23
​May 8
​May 10
​June 11 - 22
​July 11 - August 8
​July 23
​August 14
August 20​
7July 23 - 30
August 10 - Sept 7August 27September 11
​September 13

WAMPO public participation process satisfies the Wichita Transit public participation requirement for their Program of Projects


 TIP Project Tracker:

Project Tracker is WAMPO’s new tool for maintaining, updating, mapping, and viewing information about projects in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) and Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).  Members of the public interested in viewing this information should click HERE to learn more.  

Project sponsors should access the tool by clicking HERE.  Be sure to also check out the below tutorials for instructions on how to get started.  For questions or technical support contact Chris Upchurch, or Jason O'Brien, 

 Annual Listing of Obligated Projects (ALOP)

Click HERE to review the ALOP report highlighting Federal Transportation funds spent in the WAMPO region during the 2017 Federal Fiscal Year.    



Documents Available for Download​

TIP Fact Sheet.pdfTIP Fact Sheet
TIP Policy.pdfTIP Policy
KDOT Project Development Manual.pdfKDOT Project Development Manual