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Staff Contact: Tricia Thomas |​​

Rail is the most independent of freight modes in that the majority of the infrastructure used is owned and operated by private corporations. Rail, as a private venture, operates within the guidelines and goals defined in corporate business models. The number of trains operated by the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR), Burlington Northern‐Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF), and the Kansas and Oklahoma Railroad (K&O), the condition and operational capacity of the infrastructure related to those operations, and the type and quantity of commodities shipped by them are guided by the individual railroad operators. The investment in infrastructure to meet these goals is also determined by the individual railroad corporations.

In addition to our Freight Plan, WAMPO works with our local jurisdictions, the State of Kansas​, and private partners to provide a safe and efficient rail system. Currently passenger rail is not located in the WAMPO region.

Download the WAMPO Freight Plan