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Trends Analysis

Trends Analysis & Scenario Planning

We as a community, region, state and nation are experiencing some of the most significant changes ever experienced by humankind. The 20th Century saw massive increases in population, urban sprawl, and mobility through the construction of the Interstate Highway System.

Trends not only impact transportation planning, but could have impacts on all of the elements of comprehensive planning touched by transportation choices. 

While the trends show vast differences in land use and development choices, communities can either try to change those trends, or they can make choices that reflect the trends in an effort to prepare for the future.

Check out the WAMPO Trends Primer for more information on the following topics:

  • Asset Management
  • Blueprint for Regional Growth
  • Changing Economic Patterns
  • Congestion Management Analysis
  • Focus Forward: Let's Change Our Trajectory (Chung Report)
  • Generational Analysis
  • Global Trade Picture
  • WAMPO Regional Significance 
  • Trends, Change & Long Range Plans
  • Wichita State University - Innovation Campus