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Travel Demand Model

Staff contact: Chris Upchurch|

We maintain computer data and software called a Travel Demand Model (TDM). The TDM simulates regional traffic patterns and volumes for a base year and a forecast year. We uses it to evaluate changes to the regional traffic patterns from proposed projects. It is best used to evaluate the effects of large projects that add or take away from the highway or arterial road capacity.

Our TDM is being updated to account for new input data and to prepare it to use for the MOVE 2040 process. Additional TDM outputs, maps, and figures will be available soon for download.

WAMPO provides this model to member jurisdictions (and their engineering consultants) for use in evaluating proposed projects. If you are a member jurisdiction or a consultant under contract with a member jurisdiction, we ask that you complete the Travel Demand Model Request Form.​​​​​​​​

Download WAMPO Model Validation Task Force: Travel Modeling 101

Travel Demand Model Request Form