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Public Participation Plan (PPP)


Citizens should be actively engaged in all stages of the planning process, not simply learn about plans after the fact. At WAMPO, we strive for a planning process that is clear, understandable, and allows for collaboration among all stakeholders in our region. Our Public Participation Plan (PPP) outlines the steps we take to make sure the public is engaged in those planning efforts.

Key strategies identified in the PPP include: holding public meetings at convenient and accessible locations and times; consulting with an expanded list of interested parties; increasing our use of the Internet and social media; reaching out to a broad range of citizens; and improving visualization techniques.

WAMPO’s public participation process satisfies Wichita Transit’s public participation requirements for their Program of Projects. WAMPO’s public notice of public involvement activities and time established for public review of and comments on the TIP satisfy Wichita Transit’s requirements for their Program of Projects.​

WAMPO Public Participation Plan​​


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