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Public Meetings & Open Houses

mtp logo 2018.png          The future of transportation is . . .

The Wichita Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (WAMPO) is inviting the public to help develop the vision of our next long-range transportation plan.  The long-range plan sets the vision and strategy for all regional transportation decision making for the next 20 years, so help us make sure we get it right!

The WAMPO long-range plan has direct impacts on the local transportation system, which includes roads, bridges, bike paths, transit, etc.  Because of this, it is crucial that residents and community partners participate in the process of updating our current plan, "MOVE 2040."  

Whether you are an elected official, business owner or interested community member, please take some time to help us to REIMAGINE the current plan and help direct us toward the best possible future.  

What is the Future of Transportation?  

Interested in having one of our staff present at your meeting?  Let us know! 
Just email us at or call 316-268-4315.

Resource Materials: 
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For information related to our other recurring public meetings and/or other community events click here.   

WAMPO’s public participation process satisfies Wichita Transit’s public participation requirements for their Program of Projects.​