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Transportation Policy Body (TPB)


The Transportation Policy Body (TPB) is made up of local elected officials as well as regional and state

representatives. The TPB develops and implements WAMPO's transportation plans and makes the final approval of these documents and any amendments to them. The TPB is our regional forum for transportation planning and establishes the vision for the future of our transportation system.

All meetings are open to the public and governed by the Kansas Open Meeting Act. You can find meeting agendas and notices of special or cancelled meetings on our website or by requesting them from our office. WAMPO fully complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statutes and regulations in all programs and activities. Agendas from previous meetings are available upon request.

For more information, call 316.352.4860 or download the Title VI Discrimination Complaint Form​.

Executive Committee


The Transportation Policy Body (TPB) first created the WAMPO Executive Committee in January 2014. At that time, the Executive Committee's primary charge was to provide strategic direction to staff on administrative service provision and other organizational, administrative matters. As per the bylaws, the Executive Committee membership includes the TPB Chair, the TPB Vice Chair, and three voting TPB representatives who are nominated by the Chair and confirmed by the entire TPB. The bylaws also state that its membership is re-selected each year with the election of the Chair and Vice Chair.


The Executive Committee's duties and powers consist of the following, as per the TPB bylaws:

  • exercise the duties and powers assigned to it by the TPB
  • have the authority to take action on behalf of the TPB (between regular meetings of the TPB or when a necessary quorum is lacking at a regular meeting of the TPB)
  • supervise the affairs of the TPB between regular meetings

All actions taken by the Executive Committee are subject to prior direction and subsequent ratification of the TPB.​


The 2017 Executive Committee consists of Pete Meitzner (TPB Chair), Dan Woydziak (TPB Vice-Chair), and three voting members (Bruce Armstrong , Tom Jones, and David Dennis).

Upcoming Meetings

The next Executive Committee meeting is TBD.​

TPB Meeting Agendas

WAMPO TIP Update_FFY 2019 - 2022_Sept 2018 Draft for Public Input.pdfWAMPO TIP Update_FFY 2019 - 2022_Sept 2018 Draft for Public Input
TPB Roster 2019 - web.pdfTPB Roster 2019 - web
HDR Consulting Contract.pdfHDR Consulting Contract
Agenda Item 4A - TPB Bylaw Amendments.pdfAgenda Item 4A - TPB Bylaw Amendments
2019.11.12 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2019.11.12 TPB Agenda Packet
2019.10.08 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2019.10.08 TPB Agenda Packet
2019.09.10 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2019.09.10 TPB Agenda Packet
2019.08.27 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2019.08.27 TPB Agenda Packet
2019.08.13 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2019.08.13 TPB Agenda Packet
2019.07.09 TPB Packet Agenda.pdf2019.07.09 TPB Packet Agenda
2019.06.11 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2019.06.11 TPB Agenda Packet
2019.05.14 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2019.05.14 TPB Agenda Packet
2019.04.09 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2019.04.09 TPB Agenda Packet
2019.03.12 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2019.03.12 TPB Agenda Packet
2019.02.12 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2019.02.12 TPB Agenda Packet
2019.01.08 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2019.01.08 TPB Agenda Packet
2019 Schedule of Meetings.pdf2019 Schedule of Meetings
2018.12.11 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2018.12.11 TPB Agenda Packet
2018.11.13 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2018.11.13 TPB Agenda Packet
2018.10.09 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2018.10.09 TPB Agenda Packet
2018.09.11 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2018.09.11 TPB Agenda Packet
2018.08.14 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2018.08.14 TPB Agenda Packet
2018.07.10 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2018.07.10 TPB Agenda Packet
2018.06.12 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2018.06.12 TPB Agenda Packet
2018.06.12 Agenda Packet.pdf2018.06.12 Agenda Packet
2018.05.08 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2018.05.08 TPB Agenda Packet
2018.04.10 TPB Agenda Packet.pdf2018.04.10 TPB Agenda Packet
2018.04.10 TPB Agenda Packet - Revised.pdf2018.04.10 TPB Agenda Packet - Revised
2018.03.13 TPB Agenda.pdf2018.03.13 TPB Agenda
2018.02.13 TPB Agenda - Revised.pdf2018.02.13 TPB Agenda - Revised
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