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Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC)


The Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) reviews technical information about transportation studies and issues as well as providing the TPB with their professional recommendations on documents, plans, and activities. They also help with the adoption of transportation documents such as the annual Transportation Improvement Program.

All meetings are open to the public and governed by the Kansas Open Meeting Act. You can find meeting agendas and notices of special or cancelled meetings on our website or by requesting them from our office. WAMPO fully complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statutes and regulations in all programs and activities. Agendas from previous meetings are available upon request.

For more information, call 316.352.4860 or download the Title VI Discrimination Complaint Form​.



Agendas Available for Download​

Updated TAC Attachment.pdfUpdated TAC Attachment
Oct TAC.pdfOct TAC
2019.09.23 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2019.09.23 TAC Agenda Packet
2019.08.26 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2019.08.26 TAC Agenda Packet
2019.07.22 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2019.07.22 TAC Agenda Packet
2019.06.24 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2019.06.24 TAC Agenda Packet
2019.05.20 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2019.05.20 TAC Agenda Packet
2019.04.22 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2019.04.22 TAC Agenda Packet
2019.03.25 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2019.03.25 TAC Agenda Packet
2019.01.28 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2019.01.28 TAC Agenda Packet
2018.11.26 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2018.11.26 TAC Agenda Packet
2018.10.22 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2018.10.22 TAC Agenda Packet
2018.09.24 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2018.09.24 TAC Agenda Packet
2018.08.27 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2018.08.27 TAC Agenda Packet
2018.07.23 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2018.07.23 TAC Agenda Packet
2018.06.25 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2018.06.25 TAC Agenda Packet
2018.05.21 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2018.05.21 TAC Agenda Packet
2018.04.23 TAC Agenda Packet.pdf2018.04.23 TAC Agenda Packet
2018.03.26 TAC Agenda.pdf2018.03.26 TAC Agenda
2018.02.26 TAC Agenda.pdf2018.02.26 TAC Agenda
2018.01.22 TAC Agenda.pdf2018.01.22 TAC Agenda
2017.11.27 TAC Agenda.pdf2017.11.27 TAC Agenda
2017.10.23 TAC Agenda.pdf2017.10.23 TAC Agenda
2017.09.25 TAC Agenda.pdf2017.09.25 TAC Agenda
2017.08.28 TAC Agenda.pdf2017.08.28 TAC Agenda
2017.07.24 TAC Agenda.pdf2017.07.24 TAC Agenda
2017.06.26 TAC Agenda.pdf2017.06.26 TAC Agenda
2017.05.22 TAC Agenda.pdf2017.05.22 TAC Agenda
2017.04.24 TAC Agenda.pdf2017.04.24 TAC Agenda
2017.03.27 TAC Agenda.pdf2017.03.27 TAC Agenda
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