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MOVE 2040

Long-Range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

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MOVE 2040.png Our Current Plan
Move 2040 is the WAMPO region’s long range transportation plan. MOVE 2040 will identify regional transportation goals and performance measures over the next 25 years.

WAMPO received almost 300 hundred local transportation proposals resulting in over $600 million dollars’ worth of proposed projects for the region. With only $154 million dollars in available funds, WAMPO selected projects and identified programs to follow a targeted transportation investment strategy for the first time in MOVE 2040.​

MOVE 2040 Key Messages

  • The Wichita Area is fortunate to have a well-developed major road and bridge network that is in good condition overall. But, we should spend more on maintaining our local streets. Our road network has a lot of capacity to absorb growth.
  • It’s easy to get around our metro area by car. We have little traffic congestion, although we do have operational bottlenecks in some locations that should be fixed. We can usually rely on getting to our daily activities without much delay.
  • However, for those who do not or cannot drive, the transportation system does not provide many choices. Transit needs to be assessed as a regional matter.
  • Because funds are limited for expanding and maintaining our transportation system, we must be careful in how we spend what we have. We cannot afford everything that everyone wants.​

MOVE 2040 Key Recommendations

  • Establish asset management process and products
  • Improve the long and short term project selection process
  • Improve project tracking method(s)
  • Periodically report on the progress toward achieving the desired outcomes
  • Engage in actions to stabilize transit and expand partnerships with advocates for alternate modes of travel
  • Develop integrative methods for estimating operations and maintenance costs associated with the transportation networks and services
  • Reassess the policies and procedures used to manage the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
  • Conduct a satisfaction survey for system users
  • Provide data and supporting services for the member jurisdictions
  • Update the 2010 Freight Study and expanded relationships within the freight community
  • Update the current safety data and conduct a safety study for the regional transportation system
  • Provide conformity initiatives (if region is identified as not in compliance with the Clean Air Act Standards)
  • Provide informational workshops on transportation topics​

Technical Report

On July 14, 2015 the much awaited technical report of the MOVE 2040 long-range transportation plan was approved by the WAMPO Transportation Policy Body. The technical report expands in great detail on the Move 2040 plan and its components.

Starting the week of June 8, 2015, hard copies of the technical report will be available to the public in limited supply at the WAMPO office (455 N. Main – 10th floor, Wichita, KS 67202). Reference copies of the technical report will also be delivered during the week of 6/8/15 to the main branch libraries of all 22 cities as well as at all 3 of the county seats within the WAMPO region.

Get the list of hard copy locations.


Citizens' Report

In previous plans extensive technical reports were developed elaborating on all technical components of the plan. The development of the Citizens’ Report was intended to stream line the content of the technical version into a straight forward and user friendly guide, which highlights the MOVE 2040 development process to date and proposed projects.

Review the MOVE 2040 Citizens' Report


​MOVE 2040 Videos

In addition to the Citizens’ Report document, WAMPO staff developed two MOVE 2040 videos.

Short Version (2 min)

The short video highlights the current state of the WAMPO transportation system and key messages of the plan.

Watch the short version

Long Version (3 min)

The longer​ video provides the same information in expanded form, which includes commentary from local experts and elected officials.

Watch the long version​​


Agendas Available for Download​

MTP A5.pdfMTP A5
MTP A4.pdfMTP A4
2014.10.14 PAC and TAC Agenda.pdf2014.10.14 PAC and TAC Agenda
2014.09.09 PAC Agenda.pdf2014.09.09 PAC Agenda
2014.07.08 PAC Agenda.pdf2014.07.08 PAC Agenda
2014.06.23 PAC Agenda.pdf2014.06.23 PAC Agenda
2014.06.19 Workshop 2 Agenda.pdf2014.06.19 Workshop 2 Agenda
2014.06.10 PAC Agenda.pdf2014.06.10 PAC Agenda
2014.05.27 PAC Agenda.pdf2014.05.27 PAC Agenda
2014.05.13 PAC Agenda.pdf2014.05.13 PAC Agenda
2014.04.28 PAC Agenda.pdf2014.04.28 PAC Agenda
2014.04.08 PAC Agenda.pdf2014.04.08 PAC Agenda
2014.03.24 PAC Agenda.pdf2014.03.24 PAC Agenda
2014.02.24 PAC Agenda.pdf2014.02.24 PAC Agenda
2014.02.11 PAC Agenda.pdf2014.02.11 PAC Agenda
2014.01.27 PAC Agenda.pdf2014.01.27 PAC Agenda
2013.12.10 PAC Agenda.pdf2013.12.10 PAC Agenda
2013.11.12 PAC Agenda.pdf2013.11.12 PAC Agenda
2013.10.08 PAC Agenda.pdf2013.10.08 PAC Agenda
2013.09.23 PAC Agenda.pdf2013.09.23 PAC Agenda
2013.09.10 PAC Agenda.pdf2013.09.10 PAC Agenda
2013.08.26 PAC Agenda.pdf2013.08.26 PAC Agenda